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What Are Torque Rings?

Premiere Inc. Torque Rings can revolutionize the way you run, rotate, and reciprocate API pipe. Now, while you may have heard of torque rings before, you may not be sure what they do. Read more...

What Are Power Tongs?

Designed to improve the efficiency, and safety of drill floor operations, power tongs are essential tools in the oil and gas industry. Read more..

Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist

Rig Safety: It's Up To You
Safety and efficiency are imperative when working in oil and gas extraction. That’s why it is necessary to always perform a full safety and maintenance check prior to drilling. Read more..

Drilling Rig Safety

Working on a drilling rig can be a dangerous job, but somebody has to do it. You team has to do its job well while also ensuring that the rig is following safety precautions. Here, we talk about four of the most important safety measures to take into consideration to keep your drilling rig crew safe..Read more..

Fracking Without Water?

While the mining of shale through hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") has given the U.S. increased oil production, tapping shale wells pose engineering challenges and have short productivity lifespans.. Read more..

Eating Right In the Oilfield

For long work days requiring lots of physical activity, you need to eat healthy to give you the stamina to perform your job. Here, we've compiled five ideas about what to bring to your shifts from oilfield workers and their spouses that did the trick.  Read more..

Successful Cementing Services: Best Practices

Cementing services support and protect well casings and help with zonal isolation—critical to safer, environmentally sound, profitable wells. Accomplishing this safely, efficiently and successfully doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, the basic steps for completion of cementing jobs haven’t changed for over 60 years. Read more..

The Benefits of Casing Running Tools

The casing running tool, or CRT, is connected to the top drive system, so a drilling crew can easily operate the whole casing strings without a lot of extra equipment or people.  Read more..

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You can expect quality and expertise when you choose Premiere. From the smallest to the largest casing strings, located on land or offshore, Premiere employs a wide range of the latest hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual handling systems to perform the job safely and efficiently. Premiere's casing services includes equipment to pick up, make up, and run casing from 2 3/8" to 36" OD. Premiere serves the global market with locations in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colombia.

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