Premiere Inc. Torque Rings can revolutionize the way you run, rotate, and reciprocate API pipe

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What Are Torque Rings?

Premiere Inc. Torque rings, which range in size from two-and-three-eighths inches to 20 inches, let you run, and rotate API pipe at torques that often exceed semi-premium, and premium connections. A torque ring is like a normal connection, but it has a buttress or LTC-threaded outer diameter that lets it lock into the "J” space of the collar. Due to the simple change of the added torque ring, the positive shoulder lets you reach higher torque values, and extends your thread life while running operations. This positive shoulder makes positional makeup obsolete, and gives you a sound connection you can rely on. Specifically, the torque ring optimizes your performance just like a premium connection does, but costs significantly less.