Premiere Inc. Core Values

Premiere's core values are not just words

Premiere's core values are not just words; they are a value system that provides the foundation for all our work practices and customer relationships. These values define our professional integrity and provide a source of company-wide pride.

  • We will never jeopardize the safety of others or ourselves.
  • We seek relationships with customers who value safety and service. They are the absolute foundation of our success.
  • We strive to eliminate all communication barriers that affect safety, efficiency, and opportunity.
  • We expect excellence and we take responsibility. Our business and customers require it.
  • We succeed as a team. We tolerate and learn from honest mistakes.
  • We passionately search for improvements in everything we do. This increases value to our customers as well as our company.
  • We buck conventional wisdom and standards to achieve greater results. We strive to do the impossible. We are a privately held company. Our efforts are the primary source of capital needed to sustain our success.


Years Experience

Premiere Inc. has developed a line of patented casing, tubing, and cementing tools that surpass the performance of standard industry equipment. By dedicating our time and resources to research and development, we continue to build upon and improve our product line for the benefit of our customers.