Premiere Inc. Core Values

Premiere's extensive safety standards exemplify our goal

By pledging our knowledge, skill, and integrity to the promotion of safety in all facets, Premiere has developed a high-level safety conscious organization.

Premiere's extensive safety standards exemplify our goal to have precedence over our competitors. By developing our safety programs and processes, Premiere's team members work with customers and vendors to ensure quality and assurance come first.

Premiere has developed several programs that not only help to resolve issues in the workplace, but to further prevent them from reoccurring

  • Root Cause Analysis: Should an incident occur; a formal document is compiled utilizing information from the field hands up to executive management to determine the underlying cause of the incident. The document also highlights the corrective actions that were taken, or those that need to be followed from here on out to prevent a similar incident from occurring.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA): Premiere team members are supplied with the proper JSA each time they are sent out to a job.
  • Near Miss Reporting: Premiere team members are expected to report a minimum number of "near misses” each month, both in the workplace and at home. Active participation in this program leads to increased safety compliance, stresses conformance, and promotes a team member philosophy.


Years Experience

Premiere Inc. has developed a line of patented casing, tubing, and cementing tools that surpass the performance of standard industry equipment. By dedicating our time and resources to research and development, we continue to build upon and improve our product line for the benefit of our customers.