Premiere Torque Rings (PTRô) are an innovative, patented technology that provides premium connection performance at a significantly reduced cost. By creating a positive shouldered makeup identical to a premium connection, API certified pipe can be run, rotated, and reciprocated at a significantly greater torque value without the risk of thread damage.


  • Instances when casing rotation is required and downhole torque is anticipated.
  • Buttress or LTC threaded outer diameter allows the ring to internally lock into the "JĒ space of the collar, like that of a normal connection. The resulting positive shoulder allows the customer to achieve higher torque values and extended thread life during casing running operations.
  • Provides the performance of a premium connection at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Threaded OD results in 100% metal engagement and provides a greater cross sectional area. This produces up to two times the torque yield of competing torque rings that are forced to conform to collar threads.
  • Features a perfectly circular, non-stressed design that results in a considerably stronger product than oblong shaped torque rings.
  • Manufactured to API specifications with P-110 rated steel (or greater) in a variety of sizes to match the customerís casing specifications.
  • Quickly and easily installed on location prior to the job without having to compress the ring into the collar that would cause strength and quality degradation.
  • Easily removed without damaging the pipe giving the customer the freedom to decide when they would like to use the torque rings.

Patent # [8,091,930 B2]


Premiere Torque Rings (PTRô)Competing Torque Rings
ShapeCircular, non-stressedOblong, stressed
Standard MaterialP-110L-80
OD Surface FinishThreadedSmooth
InstallationInstalled on location prior to job without need for special toolsRequires handheld hydraulic tool to compress ring into collar
RemovalEasily removed if not used and can be reused at a later timeCannot be removed once installed without damaging the pipe and torque ring




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