casing products and services
Whether you require conventional or automated casing running services, hammer services, fabrication, or cementing solutions, Premiere can address your unique needs. The highly qualified Premiere team uses a combination of the latest industry technology and in-house designed Premiere product line to ensure that every job exceeds the standards and expectations of the customer.
We have developed a line of patented Premiere casing, tubing, and cementing tools that surpass the performance of standard industry equipment. The Premiere product line is comprised of the Premiere Running Tool (PRT), Premiere Stabberless Elevator (PSE), Premiere Torque Rings (PTR), Rotating Cement Head (RCH), and Premiere Magnum Power Tongs, to name a few. With the Premiere product line, we will get the job done faster, safer, and with overall better results.

The needs of our customers are paramount to our ultimate success. Therefore, Premiere continues to develop and enhance our casing services while leading the industry in technology-based advancements and resources.
We welcome you to experience the difference with Premiere.
casing services
From the smallest to the largest casing strings, located on land or offshore, Premiere employs a wide range of the latest hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual handling systems to perform the job safely and efficiently. Premiere's casing services includes equipment to pick up, make up, and run casing from 4 1/2" to 36" OD.
cementing services
Premiere utilizes the in-house designed Rotating Cement Head (RCH) to execute our customers' reciprocating and rotating cementing process. The RCH can be built to accommodate your unique cementing needs.

Premiere technology
Torque Rings
Premiere Torque Rings (PTR™) are an innovative, patented technology that provides premium connection performance at a significantly reduced cost. By creating a positive shouldered makeup identical to a premium connection, API certified pipe can be run, rotated, and reciprocated at a significantly greater torque value without the risk of thread damage.
Premiere technology
The PRT™ is designed with full string handling capabilities (simultaneously pickup, run, rotate, and reciprocate) for casing running operations, thereby decreasing the chances of sticking pipe downhole.

hammer services
The primary goal for our hammer services is performance optimization. By employing a wide range of hammers ranging from the smallest D-19 to the largest D-100, we can ensure that we are supplying the correct hammer for your job.

tubing services
Premiere continually strives to exceed our own capabilities while increasing the efficiency of our customers. In order to meet the tubing needs of our customers, we performed extensive research to find the safest, most efficient, and versatile tool in the tubing market.
fabrication services
From 14" to 72" large OD pipe with a wall thickness up to 3", Premiere continues to outperform the competition. The Premiere safety process coupled with state-of-the-art quality control and inspections, all overseen by Premiere's in-house Certified Welding Inspector, gives our customers the guarantee that their project will be fabricated to the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Premiere technology
Premiere has developed a line of patented casing, tubing, and cementing tools that surpass the performance of standard industry equipment. By dedicating our time and resources to research and development, we continue to build upon and improve our product line for the benefit of our customers.


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