What Is a Premiere Stabberless Elevator (PSE)?
6/29/2016 2:42:14 PM

Do you want to reduce your crew’s workload while also eliminating the risk of dropping pipe during system failures? This might sound too good to be true, but both can happen with a Premiere Stabberless Elevator (PSE). Here, we’ll answer some common questions about what PSE’s are and how they can make your operations safer, more efficient, and better automated.

 Premiere Stabberless Elevator (PSE)


What are the benefits of PSE’s?


Unlike conventional machines, the PSE gets rid of the need for a stabber or stabbing arm while still performing a stabber’s job. The PSE is completely automated and controlled from the rig floor, which lets you remove personnel from the derrick. Additionally, the PSE makes casing running processes more efficient than conventional methods, as well as getting rid of rig up and rig down time that normally comes with these types of operations. While the PSE is useful and efficient, it is also simple, meaning that it requires very little maintenance.


What are the features of a PSE?


  • The PSE is constructed with marine-grade valving.
  • The PSE has a control hose bundle that is jacketed in Kevlar for safe handling and efficient rigging both before and after the job is complete.
  • The PSE has a compact single-joint sling design coupled with oversize 5,000-pound lift cylinders.
    • These cylinders are complemented by premiere single-joint cylinder lift rods that are engineered with a 7-1 safety factor. These lift rods prevent single-joint lift cylinders from stress under shock load situations.
  • The PSE’s collar-locating arm and valves let you know when pipes are ready for latching.
  • The PSE works on all standard slip grip elevator tools.


How does a PSE work?


As incoming casing joints are received into the elevator and the connection is parked to the proper specification, the PSE operator observes the control panel. Once the elevator has been lowered over the casing joint, the operator will engage the elevator slip-set lever. This places the PSE control panel in a state where it is looking for the signal from the elevators that the collar locator has found the top of the collar. Once the top of the collar is found, the control panel collar locator indicator will light up a green signal. Additionally, the elevator slip-set indicator eye will go green, verifying that the leveling arm attached to the slips is in the proper position.


Then, the operator will push the service air button, sending the needed air supply to the spider, allowing the slips to open and the joint to be run into the hole. The PSE will execute a stabberless job effortlessly. In conjunction with controlling the pneumatic elevators from the rig floor, the pneumatic spider is set up as a slave to the control cabinet and will not open or close without permission from the PSE operator.


Ready to hear more about Premiere Stabberless Elevators (PSE)? Our patent pending PSE sets the industry standards for safety and efficiency on stabberless automation. Give us a call today, we will be happy to offer our advice about how to make your business simpler, safer, and smoother with PSE’s.

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