Using Casing to Drill Directional Wells
12/7/2016 11:39:10 AM


Improved operational efficiency, significant cost savings, and the ability to tap into previously undrillable sites: drilling with large-diameter tubulars is a game-changer.

In the US, drillers lower casing in after drilling, but in South America and other places the geological formations  require a different approach. They put an aggressive bit at the bottom of the casing and drill with that. Premiere, Inc. builds the equipment that makes this happen.

Using innovative technology and techniques, permanent casing is installed into the bore hole as it is drilled. This offers several advantages over conventional drilling methods — especially in situations where directional drilling is required.

Enhanced Safety

Because the casing is placed during drilling, the number of necessary pipe trips is cut drastically. This lowers the risk for collapses, sidetracking, and other expensive and potentially dangerous mishaps. The fewer times the pipe needs to be handled, the safer your well site is going to be.

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More Cost Effective

Casing-drilling eliminates several steps from the drilling process. You won’t have to run a conventional drillpipe, remove it, and then install permanent casing. This saves both time and labor. Casing strings have longer joints than conventional pipe strings, meaning that they require fewer connections to be made. Drillers also spend less time working to maintain the stability of a drillhole, which reduces nonproductive rig time significantly.

Decreased Environmental Impact

Casing-drilling provides an option that can significantly reduce the ecological impact of a drilling operation. In many cases, operators are able to use smaller rigs.These compact units are not only less costly to run, they require less fuel and produce fewer emissions. They also leave a smaller footprint and are easier to maneuver around environmental features. The ability to drill the borehole and install the casing simultaneously minimizes the risk of disruption or contamination of the local ecology.

Expands Drillable Areas

One of the most exciting aspects about casing-drilling is that it allows for extraction from areas that were once considered uneconomic to drill.Casing-drilling has made it possible for extractions to be successful in areas with even very complex subsurface conditions. The directional capability of casing drilling makes it a virtual godsend for offshore operations.

The demand for casing-drilling is rapidly increasing and industry giants are already using this state-of-the-art method around the globe. It takes a highly skilled professional to correctly employ the tools, equipment, and techniques involved with casing-drilling. Only contract with highly qualified firms who have a proven track record working in this cutting-edge sector of the industry.

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