Premiere’s primary goal for our hammer services is performance optimization. Since we employ a wide range of hammers, from the smallest D-19 to the largest D-100, we want to ensure that we are supplying the correct hammer for the job before mobilizing to the site. In order to determine which hammer would be most sufficient and economical for our customer’s job, we utilize the GRLWEAP™ Analysis Package. GRLWEAP™ is a one-dimensional Wave Equation Analysis program that simulates pile response to pile driving equipment. It predicts driving stresses, hammer performance, and the relation between pile bearing capacity and net set per blow. It also estimates the total driving time.
In keeping with the Premiere core values, accountability to our clients is must. Therefore, all Premiere operators are required to keep a minute to minute log throughout the entire hammer job. The log includes data such as:
  • Handling
  • Standby
  • Welding/Connector Makeup
  • Cooling
  • Removing of Padeyes
  • Rigging Up and Lowering of Hammer
  • Driving Times
Premiere also includes a Blow Count Chart for every well which includes the actual blows per foot obtained during the driving process. Each report is delivered via email or through an account manager. The reports are then integrated into a database that is tracked for assessment and analysis, ensuring that each customer receives the benefit of a cross-comparative learning environment.


Ram Weight

Max Stroke

Max Energy


4000 lbs

10.6 ft

42,400 ft-lbs


6600 lbs

9.03 ft

59,598 ft-lbs


10,140 lbs

10.57 ft

80,649 ft-lbs


11,000 lbs

10.5 ft

115,500 ft-lbs


14,600 lbs

11.16 ft

162,940 ft-lbs


17,620 lbs

11.16 ft

196,639 ft-lbs


22,030 lbs

11.16 ft

245,854 ft-lbs

If you are interested in purchasing hammer equipment from Premiere, please visit the Tool Sales section of this website for additional information on our hammer equipment inventory.


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