casing services
With an unwavering attention to quality, design, and manufacturing, Premiere prevails as a top choice for casing technology services and equipment.  Size and location are of no obstacle.  From the smallest to the largest casing strings, located on land or offshore, Premiere employs a wide range of the latest hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual handling system to perform the job safely and efficiently.  Premiere's casing services include the equipment to pick up, make up, and run casing from 4 1/2" to 36" OD.
The needs of our customers are paramount to our ultimate success.  Therefore, Premiere continues to develop and enhance our casing services while leading the industry in technology-based advancements and resources.

 Handling Tools
1000 Ton Tool - Featuring Premiere’s patented Staggered Ring Slip System and Premiere Inserts, the Premiere 1000 Ton Tool reduces stress and strain imparted to the casing by approximately 60% in comparison to standard industry tools.
Dual Diesel Power Unit -

Dual Diesel Power Unit- The diesel power unit for Premiere, inc. utilizes a lightweight structure and components to optimize performance. Powered by a Kubota 35 hp liquid-cooled engine, the power unit maintains hydraulic pressure, flow, and temperature for reliable and consistent service. All while having a backup unit incase power needs to be switched or replaced.

Electric Power Unit - Electric Power Units offer a clean and reliable fluid power delivery system for both our hydraulic power tongs and casing running tools. Simplicity of installation and operation is the key as the unit is " plug and play.”
Laydown Units - Premiere’s Laydown Units can safely lift casing, tubing, and drill pipe to and from the rig floor. Featuring a hydraulically powered hoisting unit and special hangers, our Laydown Units allow for a smoother transfer or tubular products.
Power Tongs - Premiere has successfully mastered the design and manufacturing processes of creating better hydraulic power tongs. By decreasing the weight of the tong and increasing the power, Premiere Magnum Tongs out-perform the torque-to-weight ratio of any competitor.
Premiere Running Tool (PRT™) - Reverse designed with safety in mind, Premiere casing running tool (PRT™) is the result of cutting edge engineering and field tested standards.  The PRT™ features a compact design, rugged construction, and the versatility to run various pipe sizes and weights without compromising performance.
Premiere Stabberless Elevator (PSE™) - The PSE™ is a total pneumatic system that executes a stabber’s job effortlessly. Fully controlled from the rig floor, the PSE™ system removes your crew from the derrick and out of harms way.
Premiere Torque Rings (PTR™) - Premiere Torque Rings (PTR™) are an innovative, patented technology that provides premium connection performance at a significantly reduced cost. By creating a positive shouldered makeup identical to a premium connection, API certified pipe can be run, rotated, and reciprocated at a significantly greater torque value without the risk of thread damage.
Torque Control - Premiere utilizes the WinCatt Torque Control Management System in conjunction with the ATI Torque Sub to in order to provide our customers with the utmost confidence that their connections are torqued to the proper specifications.


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