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Torque Control
Premiere utilizes the WinCatt Torque Control Management System in conjunction with the ATI Torque Sub to in order to provide our customers with the utmost confidence that their connections are torqued to the proper specifications. This system is designed to work with any power tong system and provides real time monitoring and control of tubular connection make-up. Featuring the most up to date technology on the market operated by highly trained torque control personnel, Premiere can ensure that the customer receives the most accurate torque values available.
The Premiere Torque Control System is also compatible with our Premiere Running Tool (PRT™). If you require rotation during your casing running operation, turn to Premiere for the most reliable service available.
The WinCatt Torque Control Management System is a software tool that interacts with external control hardware to provide real-time monitoring and control of tubular connections and power tong make-ups. The graphical user interface and logical software structure combined with powerful control, data acquisition, and presentation capabilities enable the user to easily specify make-up parameters, control make-up, and evaluate quality.
  • Monitoring torque, turns, and rotation speed during make-up.
  • Controls based on final torque or final turns. Includes calibration management system.
  • Includes automatic "Start Recording” and "Dump Valve Release”.
  • Includes automatic descriptive comments with optional override.
  • Option to accept or reject connection on delta turn.
  • Easy graphical report creation and printing of reports with one button.
  • Controls speed during make-up (optional).
  • Available with optional pressure test system.
Analyzes Makeup to Determine:
  • Conformance with thread manufacturer’s specification.
  • Shouldering point for premium connections.
  • Shouldering time, delta torque, delta turns.
  • Results from previous make-ups.
The ATI Torque Sub is an easy to use system consisting of a rotating torque sub unit, receiver, and receiving antenna. The torque sub unit quickly mounts in-line with the drill string or casing drive to accurately measure torque, tension, and compression (thrust) feedback. The system also has the capability to measure RPM, torsional acceleration, and angle management
The rotating torque sub unit features embedded sensors and electronics that wirelessly transmit signals via digital RF telemetry. All measurements are real-time and provide high resolution, high bandwidth, and high accuracy analog outputs to the Model 3125B-4 receiver unit.
Standard Features:
  • Transmits sensor signals from rotating torque sub unit to the stationary receiver unit, providing accurate torque, tension, and compression measurements.
  • System can be remotely calibrated by the operator. The operator simulates a known input to each channel for 15 seconds, which is then actuated through the menu on the 3125B-4 receiver’s front panel.
  • Includes a receiving antenna and cable (specified in lengths up to 100 feet).
  • Battery pack voltage reported to receiver unit’s display.
  • Rotating torque sub unit can be remotely turned on and off from receiver unit.
  • Multi-channel systems available that provide real-time, dedicated analog outputs per channel.
  • No slip rings or moving parts, therefore can tolerate extreme environments, excessive shock, and excessive vibration.
Available Options:
  • Speed (rpm) measured wirelessly and transmitted from the rotating torque sub unit to the receiver.
  • High range and low range angles measured wirelessly. High range is scaled for most any maximum level, i.e. 20 turns. Low range is typically scaled for approximately ¼ turn. Logic input to the receiver units tells it when to start acquiring the angle reading.
  • Measurement of torsional acceleration which assists in determining bit wear.
  • Systems can be customized to meet the customer’s specific needs.


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