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Premiere Stabberless Elevator (PSE™)
Premiere’s Stabberless Elevator System™ was designed and engineered to provide maximum production, yet conceived in simplicity to foster minimal maintenance requirements and ease of serviceability. By eliminating the need for a stabber or stabbing arm, the PSE™ sets the industry standard for safety and efficiency on stabberless automation.
The PSE™ is a total pneumatic system that executes a stabber’s job effortlessly. Fully controlled from the rig floor, the PSE™ system removes your crew from the derrick and out of harms way.
  • Total pneumatic system
  • Compact single joint sling design
  • Constructed of marine grade valving
  • Control hose bundle jacketed in Kevlar
  • Oversized 5000 lb lift cylinders
  • Single joint cylinder lift rods engineered with a 7:1 safety to prevent lift cylinders from stress
  • Collar locating arm and valves signal when pipe is in a safe position for latching
  • Fully operated by means of control panel located on rig floor
  • Works on all standard industry slip grip elevator tools
  • Direct access to fill up and circulating tool, allowing up to 3000 psi at 8 bbl/min

Patent Pending

  • Pneumatic system reduces crew workload
  • Removes crew from derrick during rig up/rig down and while running casing
  • No additional rig up/rig down time from conventional casing running operations
  • Eliminates risk of dropping pipe with system failures
  • More efficient than standard conventional casing running processes and current automated systems
  • Requires minimal maintenance
250 Ton
350 Ton
System Type
Working Range
4 1/2" - 7 5/8"
4 1/2" - 13 3/8"
Sling Capacity
3.9+ tons
3.9+ tons
Shackle Capacity - Each
5+ tons
5+ tons
Min. Sling Length
Static Piston Capacity
8 tons
8 tons
Min. Single Joint Capacity
4 tons
4 tons



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